The inaugural Summer Camp of Fun (2021) was a huge hit, so there’ll be more summer fun in 2022. This gives you a flavour of the activities that everyone enjoyed.

Fancy some online fun in the summer?

Why should we miss out on fun, just because our 'normal' extra-curricular activities are on hold during the school holidays?

It doesn’t matter where we are on our childless journey, whether it’s that awful rawness, the longevity and sadness of grief, the tentative healing, (loaded word alert!) acceptance, adjusting, exploring the meaning of life, or trying to find ways to bring us some happiness – we are also allowed to have some fun in our lives.

The physical act of smiling (which creates those feel-good endorphins) and laughing (which produces oxytocin, another great mood-booster) and finding something to enjoy doesn’t mean that we aren’t experiencing the biggest loss of our lives, or that our quest for motherhood wasn’t devastating.

Smiling, laughing and having fun do give our minds (and hearts) a small break from the pain. Which is why the Worthy and Content Online Summer Camp starts with laughter yoga, to set the tone for the programme, creating 6 weeks of summer fun for you to enjoy online.

Enjoy 6 x 1 hour events every Wednesday evening at 7.30pm BST
28 July - 1 September inclusive
Yoga laughter

Be surprised how easy it is to laugh when you don’t feel like it
Abstract art 

Enjoy the process of creating, with the contents of your pen drawer
Blissful massage 

Learn self-massage techniques for your neck, shoulders, face & heat
A taste of summer

Good eating doesn’t need to be boring
Find your voice

Tips and techniques to speak up with confidence and strength
Find your good vibes

Emotional Freedom Techniques to tap into the fun, that’s hiding underneath the grief