My name is Lana and my journey (yes, the ‘j’ word) may be similar to yours. I’ve been through unexplained infertility, 2 miscarriages, 5 IVF cycles, depression and divorce. There have been all the emotional situations that I couldn’t cope with (seeing pregnant women, seeing women with prams, seeing babies, hearing people talk about babies, having baby photos thrust into my face, having to leave the room due to all the baby talk … ). All of these experiences left me feeling sad, vulnerable, isolated, excluded, and not hopeful for the future.

During my 30s I was trying to conceive. I didn’t. During my 40s I grieved. Eventually the grief was a bit easier to carry, but I still held onto it as I didn’t know what alternatives there were. I didn’t know how not to be sad, and was triggered by the smallest thing.

After various therapies, including counselling, CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) and lots of gorgeous complementary therapies, I was given some energy therapy. It was life-changing as the therapist literally emptied my body of the negative emotions and identity that I’d been holding onto. I felt cleansed and ready to start again.

It was such a powerful, unexpected shift that I retrained as a holistic massage therapist and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) practitioner. My childlessness is now no longer how I identify, and I have a life where I feel worthy and content. During my 30s and 40s I never thought that would be possible. I never thought I could be happy without being a mother.

I’d love to share this therapy with you, so that you too can leave the grief behind, and feel worthy and content with your life.

A picture of Lana Walker leaning against a building wall. Lana is the founder of Worthy and Content - feeling better about Childlessness


These are real comments by the clients I’ve helped – people just like you who wanted to feel so much better about their life, even though they don’t have children.

Lana is a warm, open and understanding person who was a great help and helped me shift the negative energy that was sitting within me where I felt sad empty and lonely. After a few sessions I was able to envisage possibilities and ways forward to improve things. Thank you very much for all your help.

Derry, Northern Ireland, UK

Working with Lana has been very comforting and reassuring. I feel she is inspiring in what she has been able to achieve in her life after experiencing childlessness after infertility. Lana was on cue and in sync with my feelings and she was able to make connections that I haven’t previously made. Lana was easy to talk with and open up to. I would highly recommend working with her!

Jocelyn K
Florida, USA

I had no real expectations from EFT but just hoped to generally feel less burdened with the emotions of being childless at 53.

Working with Lana gave me a sense of freedom and the ability to feel less tense surrounding my childlessness. Mentally I feel so much lighter and at peace within myself.

My tension and hurt around pregnant women babies and young children are much less which is a wonderful feeling for me.

Meeting Lana, who is someone who truly understands and empathises with the situation of being unable to have children has helped me to cope in my own way.

It was an emotional but very positive experience for me.

Worcester, UK

I loved working with Lana to create a positive vision for my future that inspires me when what I thought my life would look like isn’t possible. Lana was able to uncover some very specific visions and positive self talk to help resolve the pain and grief of accepting a childless life. She is skilled at recognizing things just below the surface and pulling them out to address and heal them. I highly recommend working with Lana.

Colorado, USA

Lana is a truly wonderful therapist. I felt so safe sharing my feelings and emotions with her, and so supported throughout the sessions. Her intuition to know exactly what I needed to deal with was remarkable and at no point did I feel overwhelmed, it was a very gentle and supportive experience and the result has been amazing. I feel so much better about everything, I can’t recommend Lana highly enough.

London, UK

I was really suprised how it uncovered more than I ever thought was possible in such a short period of time. I feel lighter in energy, like I have acknowledged something, accepted and forgiven. It was quite surprising how deep the sessions went. I would definitely recommend this EFT workshop to others. I absolutely loved the gifts/surprises – they really made it feel something special.

Lisa M
Worcester, UK

I am a PhD researcher in neurology and sceptical of most alternative therapies, and put my mental health faith into tried and tested Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), so when I initially heard about EFT (tapping) I thought it was airy-fairy and bogus.

Although, after I saw it being mentioned a few times I looked into the research base, and was surprised to see a number of randomised controlled trials which reported that EFT showed promise compared to CBT and tapping on sham body locations.

I came across Body and Mind Holistics when seeking support to help me deal with likely childlessness, and the moment I started speaking with Lana via Zoom video call, I felt relaxed.

Lana is calming, perceptive, and empathic, she is truly a professional who has mastered her craft. She explained the whole process for a newbie with clarity and patience, and guided me through each session with advice on what I could try to help between sessions.

I felt the whole spectrum of emotions during my sessions with Lana, I cried, laughed, felt physically drained, but always energised at the end.

I was surprised that this energy continued between sessions, and although I had a couple of low moments, I was able to pull myself out of them much more quickly than I had when I was using CBT and ACT strategies alone.

EFT also gave me insight into a part of my own childhood memories that I had completely blocked out, and with Lana’s advice have started to explore further, and it is helping me understand more about my sense of loss with childlessness.

Lana, EFT, and the discussions we had together, have helped me to nut-out the attributes of having a child that are deep within me, what my core values and legacy are in life, and supported me to brainstorm how I can fulfil these needs without children in my life.

My sessions with Lana, and the now daily strategies that I am implementing, are helping me to see the beauty and strengths within myself and my life, and to understand that I am living a life of fulfilment that is aligned with my values.

After only three sessions, Lana has helped me recognise and appreciate what is in front of me, instead of longing for more. I am so grateful that Lana came into my life. Thank you!

Sydney, Australia

Working with Lana has been an absolute joy. I had never made use of spoken therapies, let alone Emotion Freedom Technique, but Lana clearly explained what would happen in the sessions and quickly put me at ease. As a result, I really enjoyed the workshop and it has helped me to process my emotional and mental feelings around being childless and it has given my self-esteem and self-belief a real boost.

I no longer feel a sense of failure at not being a father, and I have learnt to view other aspects of my life as opportunities to gain the experiences that I would have expected to have as a parent.

Lana is very understanding and she creates a wonderful environment to allow you to speak openly about how you are feeling.

Her heartfelt compassion and empathy comes across very clearly and she helped me to realise that I am not alone in dealing with my emotions.

Lana is brilliant as personalising the sessions which made me feel listened to.

I totally recommend working with Lana both for general emotional issues that you are experiencing, and specifically relating to childlessness. Thank you Lana!

Wells, UK