Words Have Power


All the words and phrases we say to ourselves, whether out loud or silently, are really important for how we feel, both physically and emotionally. Every time we say or think something, we’re creating a neural pathway, which eventually can become so strong through repetition that it’s an automatic behaviour or reaction.


Sometimes we don’t even know we’re saying or thinking these negative thoughts, as we (and our family and friends) have used the same language for a long time. We can, however, change these pathways, and create new ones, which ultimately leads to changes in our behaviour, and how we feel


Try this exercise. Say to yourself (aloud will be best): I always struggle. Life is very hard. I can’t stop feeling this way. I’m always anxious.


And now try this: Right now, it’s a struggle. Right now, life is very hard. Right now, I can’t see a way out. Right now, I’m experiencing anxiety.


Just this slight change in how we speak changes our mindset. Did you feel a difference in how you felt? If you didn’t, please don’t worry about that. Repetition is the key. (The French word for rehearsal is repetition).

We weren’t born knowing how to brush our teeth, drive a car, operate a computer – we’ve had to learn how to do these by repeating, repeating, repeating.

Repetition is the key to learning and changing behaviour. Which is why new habits need regular practice (ideally daily, yes, you actually have to do something).

Find a phrase that you say or think to yourself. It could be, for example: I can’t lose weight. I don’t feel safe leaving the house anymore. I’m worried about my job/future/relationship. I’m always clumsy. Do make it relevant for you.

Change the sense of the statement from it being a permanent, never-ending situation, to “just for now”.

Observe how you feel after making that statement. Your subconscious is listening to your thoughts and words. You can make changes in your life – you just need to learn how.


We can also interrupt those signals and create stronger change by tapping into your body’s energy. This is where EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is a powerful therapy for changing how you feel and think. Think of it as acupuncture for your emotions, but without the needles. What would it feel like to safely “hit that raw nerve” and let the emotions around it go? That’s what tapping does, simply, quickly, permanently.


EFT taps into various energy meridians around the body. You may be familiar with the ancient wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine. 30 years ago modern science didn’t have the technology to study energy in the body.


Science and medicine professionals can now quantify the changes that occur when tapping takes place. It’s basically an interruption in the body’s energy, based on cellular activity and electrical impulses. Think nerve stimulation and messages getting into the brain.


You don’t need to understand the intricacies of the body to benefit from tapping – you’ll feel the energy (that churning in the stomach, tightness in the throat) shifting and moving around your body, before it leaves.


Next time you find yourself saying “that same old phrase you/your mum/your family have always used”, think about changing its power so that you’re giving yourself something less negative, less permanent. How does that feel?


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